Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Meet NMFA Member Rebecca Mezoff

Rebecca Mezoff
PO Box 519

Velarde, NM  87582


Contemporary tapestry artist

I am currently working on mostly small format things due to a temporary move and job in Alamosa, CO. I am expecting to have my studio intact again (with big looms!) by January. I continue to teach workshops throughout the USA and really enjoy this interaction with students. Teaching improves my own thought processes about tapestry and improves my design skills. I dye all my yarn both for the students and for myself. I enjoy working in the dye studio and spent a lot of the fall working out new color formulas.

My work over the last few years has largely been the Emergence series. These pieces are based on an image of a spiral which comes from the petroglyphs that surrounded my house on Prieta Mesa in Velarde, NM. The spiral image signifies emergence from another place, the constant nature of change, and the continued journey we all experience in life (whether we want to or not!).

Emergence II-- This piece was purchased last year by Colorado Northwestern Community College 
in Craig, CO for their new building.
Emergence III
Emergence V: The Center Place

Emergence V was designed just after my teacher James Koehler died in 2011 and includes images from Chaco Canyon. I was on my way to Chaco when I found out he had passed away. Chaco is a place of great mystery for me and each time I return there I leave with more questions than answers about the place and about my own life. I also love to look at the rock walls there. The construction of the walls as well as the colors and patterns are fascinating.

• Available for individual instruction

• Available to teach workshops/classes

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