Thursday, March 29, 2012

Meet our Members

Today we introduce you to two of our members:  Sheila Burke of Santa Fe and Donna Loraine Contractor of Albuquerque, both very talented tapestry artists.  Enjoy!

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Sheila F. Burke
Santa Fe, NM 87508
(505) 466-0107

Artist Statement
My work has been described as “painting by thread”.  The cosmos and the interrelationship of art and science are my inspiration and focus. My tapestries are an attempt to capture the wonder and mystery of the universe integrated with indigenous symbolism.  I see stunning reminders of how much we are a part of the harmonic whole…a constant inspiration to me.  The discipline of the loom heightens the creative expression of the threads as I weave.

My love of fiber art began in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 70’s where I studied off loom weaving with a local architect/artist.  I held the dream of one day returning to my art after completing my corporate career.  In 2006 I fulfilled my dream and began an apprenticeship in Santa Fe with James Koehler, an internationally known tapestry artist.  I continued to work with him through 2010.

Commissions are accepted and she is available for appointments.  Call for directions and time.

All work shown here is hand dyed wool weft, cotton warp.

Connections 24"x12"

Cosmic Emergence 24"x 20"

Drift 36" x 36"

Night Visions 35" x 23"

Cosmic Connections 15" x 28"

Donna Loraine Contractor Fine Art Tapestries
218 Girard SE

Albuquerque, NM 87106


Weaving - Contemporary Tapestry
 Handwoven, hand dyed contemporary tapestries.

The Albuquerque Art Business Association named award-winning tapestry and mixed media artist Donna Loraine Contractor a Local Treasure in 2008 for her contribution to the Duke City’s visual art scene. She has won over 30 art competitions and commissions such as a triptych for the City/County Building in Albuquerque and a large tapestry for the Bernalillo County Courthouse. Accolades include the display of her tapestries at the Albuquerque Museum, MFA at Santa Fe and an appearance on an HGTV special. In 2002, she created the Bravos Award for the Arts Alliance (now Creative Albuquerque) – a series of small weavings. Contractor’s work can be seen at New Mexico galleries: Mariposa Gallery and the Albuquerque Museum Gallery Store in Albuquerque, and the Tapestry Gallery in Madrid. Her work is shown and collected throughout the United States and abroad.

• Available for equipment consults

• Available for individual instruction

• Available to teach workshops/classes

• Con do custom work

Manifestations of Math in New Works by Donna Loraine Contractor
Exhibition & Reception at Tapestry Gallery in Madrid
May 5 - June 16, 2012
Albuquerque, NM. Fine tapestry artist Donna Loraine Contractor debuts a collection of new works at Madrid’s Tapestry Gallery, May 5-June 16, 2012. An opening reception and meet the artist opportunity for the show, “New Math Plus: More From The Universal Language Series” is Saturday, May 5 from 1-4 p.m. at the Tapestry Gallery, Firehouse Lane Ste. D, Madrid, NM.

“Behind the art that inspires us, and the beauty of the natural world that enthralls us, are the ordering principles of mathematics. By showcasing the mathematical principles behind good design, be it natural or manmade, I hope to not only create beautiful art but also to reawaken in the viewer the wonder and appreciation for the beauty inherent in mathematics,” says Contractor, of the new works she’s added to her existing series, Universal Language.

For information about Tapestry Gallery, call 505-471-0194. 

Blue Koch Snowflake Fractal
Universal Language Series  62" x 40"

Red Cantor Dust Fractal
Universal Language Series 65" x 40"

Chinese Pythagorean Proof, teals, orange and chokecherries
Universal Language Series  37" x 40"
Neon Rectangles and Curves
Fractured Square Series 75" x 40"

Reds Blacks and Golds, Square
Fractured Square Series 37" x 39.5"

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Welcome to the new blog for the New Mexico Fiber Artisans!  It has been created in an effort to expand the visibility of our members and to introduce many new folks to the wonderful fiber artists that live and work in New Mexico.  It is our goal to feature new members each week.  In this post you will be given just a taste of the wonderful work our members are doing.  Stay tuned for more in depth information to come!

To learn more about our organization and our members, please visit:

Here is just a sample of our member's work:

DC Knits

Naturally dyed yarn from Glenna Dean 

Weaving by Jaye Whorton

Weaving by Melodie Usher

Hand spun, hand knit, naturally dyed top by Katy Blanchard